Our History
Our History:

Jose Dilone and Alvaro Martinez worked for Gus Pellegrino at Syosset Seafood in Syosset, NY for almost 20 years. They both learned the ins and outs of the retail seafood business first hand after many years of experience. Jose Dilone specialized as a chef; cooking and preparing fresh seafood dishes, soups, and salads daily. Alvaro Martinez drove to the Fulton Fish Market in Manhattan 5 days a week; picking up and hand selecting the freshest seafood products available.

His second duty was also scaling, skinning, filleting, and preparing the fresh fishes for sale. In 2003, they both bought the Syosset Seafood retail store in Albertson from Gus Pellegrino as a partnership. After buying the store; they both came to a conclusion to rename the store Albertson Seafood, which was the original name the store had when it opened up in the 70s. Christopher Dilone and Erika Martinez run the daily operation of Albertson Seafood to teach their own son and daughter. Christopher and Erika started to learn the business in 2003 when their parents bought the store. They were both taught the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the seafood industry by their parents. 

Mission Statement:

Albertson Seafood is committed to serving the finest and freshest wild seafood in New York. We will provide the most enjoyable homemade appetizers, meals, salads, soups, and fresh seafood New York has to offer. The customers that we serve are always happy and healthy as a result from eating our fresh fish. We serve various holiday products from Christmas dinners and shellfish platters to Passover traditional fishes such as whitefish, yellow pike, and carp to produce gefilte fish and our own homemade gefilte fish. Our main business is retail of fresh, raw, precooked, and prepared seafood for takeout. On occasions, we do offer home delivery within our area. We soon plan on expanding our business into different states around the USA sending home catalogs of fresh seafood that we carry and overnight dry ice airmailing these products to homes in areas where you cannot get fresh seafood products. 

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